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JONNY BAKES is a cottage industry kitchen bakery that serves the Kansas City area with organic, artisan baked goods. All of these items are hand shaped by Jon Szajnuk, head baker and owner of JONNY BAKES. Jon has worked for the last 20+ years in restaurants and breweries all over the country. His passion for simple, local, organic ingredients transformed into a desire to bring the simple ingredients of flour water and salt to his community in the most basic and sustaining way... bread. 


Our Products

All of JONNY BAKES breads are made using natural leavening. This process uses the yeast that exists all around us to slow ferment water and flour into bread. The result of the long overnight proving process results in a highly digestible, sustaining and nutritious crusty, old-world loaf. These breads are made with three basic ingredients: fresh, locally milled, organic flour, water and salt. Employing methods used for thousands of years, we seek to bring back the food that has sustained human kind for generations. All JONNY BAKES products are free from preservatives, GMO ingredients and are vegetarian.

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