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Things worth doing take time...

All of Jonny Bakes breads are made using 100% regionally grown, freshly stone milled, organic grains and the ancient process of sourdough fermentation. This process has fallen out of favor by large commercial bakeries because it takes time and care in order to achieve the desired results. The use of commercial yeast took over most baking operations due to its predictability. Modern methods create consistent results but sacrifice flavor and digestibility. Using our wild leaven for our dough means overnight proofing, which yields flavorful, highly digestible loaves of bread.

After developing flavor all night, the dough is loaded into clay bakers which allows the steam from the dough to be trapped allowing it to expand before the crust is developed. The lids are removed and finished in a very hot oven to create a deep, flavorful, texturally exciting crust. 

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